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1Was Inside Melbourne inspired by Humans of New York?
No, it was not. It was inspired by Londoners, a wonderful book by Craig Taylor.
2Does "Melbourne" refer to Postcode 3000, the local government area that is the City of Melbourne or the metropolis?
Inside Melbourne currently refers to the City of Melbourne which covers the following suburbs - Carlton, Docklands, East Melbourne, Jolimont, Kensington, Melbourne, Parkville, Southbank, West Melbourne and parts of Carlton North, Flemington, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, South Wharf and South Yarra. When we reach a point where we feel we have wrung the City of Melbourne of its stories, we will extend our storytelling into other suburbs.
3How do you choose whom to feature on the website?
There is no special formula! We feature everyday people whom we personally cross paths with in the city and we ask friends and interviewees for recommendations. Anyone who contributes in one way or another to the city's landscape and functioning has a place here.
4I know someone you should definitely feature! Can I tell you about him/her?
Yes, please! And if you know them personally, we would love an introduction. Do reach out to us via email or social media.
5I'm a writer/photographer. How can I contribute to Inside Melbourne?
We're thrilled that you'd like to have your work showcased on Inside Melbourne! Unfortunately, we're not at the stage yet where we're able to work with contributors. Please do continue being part of our community and we will put a shout out as soon we're ready to open those doors.
6Can I republish any of your stories or photos on my own blog?
Thank you for asking. All the stories and photos are copyrighted to Inside Melbourne and can only be reproduced in its entirety on another website or blog with our permission. If you're a journalist and would like to use a quote from one of our stories in a separate article, please let us know beforehand and credit the quote to Inside Melbourne and the original story. If you'd like to republish any story or photo whether in print or online, please email us beforehand to seek consent.
7I would like to advertise on Inside Melbourne. What are your rates?
We are not ready to explore this option just yet but please do check back in a few months in case that has changed.
8I have a cafe/bookstore/art gallery/etc in the city. Could I give you a free ____ in exchange for being featured on Inside Melbourne?
Thank you for the generous offer but Inside Melbourne does not accept freebies, gifts or products in return for posts on the website or on social media posts unless we have initiated the collaboration. If you feel that we should know about your space, please do drop us an email.